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Phoebe Donnelly is a Senior Fellow at the International Peace Institute where she leads the Women, Peace and Security program. Phoebe is also a Senior Advisory and Research Advisory Council for the RESOLVE Network at USIP and a Visiting Fellow at Feinstein International Center.


In 2018-2020, Dr. Donnelly was the Stanley Kaplan Postdoctoral Fellow at Williams College. 

Phoebe received her PhD in International Relations from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in 2019. Phoebe won the Peter Ackerman Award for the outstanding doctoral dissertation at The Fletcher School that demonstrates scholarly merit, originality, and contribution to the field and society. In her dissertation, "Wedded to Warfare: Forced Marriage in Rebel Groups," Phoebe creates a theory of forced marriage based on two rebel groups al-Shabaab (in Somalia and Kenya) and the Lord’s Resistance Army (in Uganda).


In 2017, Women in International Security (WIIS) selected Phoebe as one of their “Next Generation Gender Scholars.” Phoebe is also a visiting fellow at Feinstein International Center, a research and teaching center focused on humanitarian crises.


Before starting her PhD program, Phoebe was the Associate Director of the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights at UMass-Boston. She also has policy experience through her work as a Legislative Correspondent for Senator Richard Blumenthal and as an intern for the State Department at the U.S. Mission to the UN. Phoebe earned a Master of Arts in Law in Diplomacy from The Fletcher School in 2013 and a Bachelor of Arts from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008.

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